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What Is Integrity Novels?

Integrity Novels

I just love those bright sunny days when you grab a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade then totally get lost in a good novel. I love diving in and letting the story take me to times and places I’ve never been. That is what reading is all about!

What are Integrity Novels?

Integrity Novels are Christian novels featuring strong lead characters with deep personal problems, periods of emotional stress, and seasons of danger and drama all the while trying to maintain his or her integrity.  Integrity Novels will explore the heart, mind, soul, and emotions of the characters as they confront life’s difficulties amidst the backdrop of planets, moons, asteroids and spatial corridors. The novels won’t necessarily delve deeply into any religious content as the themes are not intended to overtake story lines and subplots but rather introduce a Christian or Godly acumen – insight. You will not find a jam-packed chapter and verse dialog in the novels. What you will find is a dramatic action-filled saga with a godly theme gently woven into the characters and in-between the lines of the novel.

These novels are designed for the family but some of the content may contain violence, high distress, and action (see About Integrity Novels page). Some things you will not find in the novels are foul language, implied sexual content, jeering or raucous conversations – as that sort of bantering is very degrading and should not be part of anyone’s speech or lifestyle. The themes introduce a characteristic or notion that will give the reader an inspiration, a challenge or just a thought.

Such is the case in my first novel, The Gold Sphere. I do admit I may have pushed a tad on the theme. I don’t ever want to pile it on or cram it down anyone’s soul but I think the structure and subtlety of introducing such themes make a lasting impression. That is the purpose of Integrity Novels.

In my first novel, The Gold Sphere, Jake Gramm faced so many difficulties and trials in his endeavor to solve the mystery, he almost lost it at times! Sound familiar? Fortunately, he turned to the one thing he needed most – the scriptures. He didn’t have to dive in head-to-toe into the scriptures but he wasn’t sure that a verse or two would even help. But, did they ever!

Don’t get me wrong. I like getting full on the scriptures and delving deep into His Word. I’ve often found myself deep in themes, swimming amongst verses of scripture, and piles of thought provoking religious whims while reading novels. But, Integrity Novels is a little different.

Jake discovered that a small simple verse or a little bit of truth could just about get him out of anything. There was one thought that kept him sane, though. It was just one tidbit of scripture about wisdom which changed things dramatically! Ever been there? I have and I’m a proponent of taking a verse and letting it sink in and carry me through the deepest of trials. What trials am I talking about? Life threatening, extremely debilitating disease. Go to the “Who Am I?” and the “My Disease” section and you’ll see.

This is all just food for thought and I hope you’ll consider this in all of your reading adventures. I hope you’ll take something from it that will lead you closer to Him. That’s my goal as a writer and a believer.

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Also, check out the About Integrity Novels for more about the content of Integrity Novels.

John E Bujanowski Jr

4 thoughts on “What Is Integrity Novels?

  1. John Dinielli

    I like the idea of Integrity novels. Feel free to e-mail me anytime, my inbox is always open to Christian friends .
    We will have a great Fantasy Baseball Season. I am glad that it will be made up of Christian participants.
    John Dinielli
    P.S I lived In Rockland County New York til we moved to Florida in 1974,I was 16.My brother has a Facebook page,Growing up in Mt.Ivy New York,It is a page you must join, but if Mt.Ivy is familiar to you then feel free.

    1. John

      Thanks John, I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks for visiting the website; still lots of work to do here, though.

  2. Rich Prentice

    I have read your first four Nova books on Kindle. You have come a long way since book one. The read has become much more enjoyable as you handle your caricatures more deftly.
    Keep using scripture ! Figuring
    a way to get Nova saved by using the Son of Father would be cool. Oh well, shut my mouth.

    1. integri1-admin Post author

      I love your post Rich, and thanks very much for your input.
      I hope the final book will be everything the series needs, difficult though, I’m finding out.

      Thank you for reading and I truly hope you will be challenged and comforted in your faith.

      All praise is His.


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