The Gold Sphere Sequel?

cropped-GS+new+vers.jpgThe Gold Sphere: A Call for Wisdom (Origin of the Sphere’s Book 1) is my first, official upload to edition. July 1, 2014. Purchase The Gold Sphere here.

I say officially because I have submitted a novel and a few short stories before. I’ve even participated and placed in a few contests as well but those are minuscule compared to what I’ve done with this novel.

As any author would, I expected the novel to fly off the shelves in record-breaking fashion. But, as I feared… not! That’s OK. I enjoyed writing it and developing the characters and most of all, I poured my heart into it in hopes that it would touch someone’s heart more than it would benefit me financially.

Hence, will there be a sequel? Well, I’d love to write it. It’s all in my head and it’s just waiting to be penned. Only thing is, The Gold Sphere did not do well and I’m not sure anyone would be interested in a sequel. If there were a sequel, things would pick up right where I left them – your typical cliff-hanger.

‘The Dead Sphere,’ would be the sequel.

Please look for my other novels coming in the near future. Thank you for considering The Gold Sphere and my writings.

I could use your prayers!

You can find the synopsis on the main menu under; The Gold Sphere: A Call for Wisdom (Origin of the Sphere’s Book 1)

The Dead Sphere: A Call for Truth (Origin of the Sphere’s Book 2)

Due Date undetermined.


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