Boone’s Great Dilemma

Boone’s Great Dilemma

Understand Boone has mentioned this ‘dilemma’ he’s obsessed with several times and he’s not the only one to talk about it. Terra, Pryce, and Mace have talked about it as well.

Here’s the dilemma but a little explanation beforehand is needed. If you’ll take a look at the star-map of Abdomanon, you’ll see the seven systems are spread out. Keep in mind these solar systems; Kova, Pereon, Arkitrosis, Peridius, Obipherion, Xeraxes, and Axeon are huge star systems within themselves. For instance, take the 5th system, Obipherion, and realize it alone may have a dozen planets. Obipherion itself has 6 moons! Travel between these star systems is very active. Transports are carrying cargo, scientists are doing their thing, and in general, people are traveling.

The routes between these systems are called ‘spatial corridors’ and malicious and evil people are taking advantage of slower weaker vessels. That’s called pirating and Boone feels compelled to do something about it. After all, the High Guard can’t keep up with the demand to protect these spatial corridors and one pirate has taken the initiative to organize other well-known successful pirates and coordinate specific attacks on easy targets. Boone wants to do some pirate hunting.

One big problem is the danger and drama that goes with traveling the spatial corridors – sometimes death and devastation await. Boone is having a dreadful time allowing his friends and allies to be in harms way. He wants to do it all himself, alone, and protect them from it. Also, deep down, he doesn’t want to be a part of it either but Terra summed it up best at the end of Book 2 – Boone Nova and the 5th Prime.

Here is a conversation Boone had with Pryce about Boone’s dilemma from Book 3 – Boone Nova and the Nano Device.

Pryce took the cot across from him, sat down, and leaned up against the back wall.

Pryce explained, “I know you don’t want to talk to me. I also realize you think what I did was stupid. But, I just did what you always do. You always want to lead. You always want to be the one to put yourself before everyone else. Well, Boone, not today! How’s it feel?”

Boone glared at Pryce for his rebuke. He cocked his head and gave him a rude smirk. “I’m not ready to talk about this.”

Pryce insisted, “I ‘am’ going to talk about this… until you get right in your head!”

As Boone glared at Pryce, he folded his arms across his chest and let out a heavy sigh. His expression was one of disbelief.

Boone asked him, “I’m not right in the head? You’re in my puny shuttle, flying straight at two Class 1 space gunners and a Class 2 gunship! I’m not right in the head?”

Pryce chuckled. “Well, if you put it like that, I see your point.”

Pryce nonchalantly tossed a chocolate crunchy piece in his mouth and sucked on it. He returned Boone’s glare with one of his own.

Pryce added, “But, that’s basically what you did with Cumi Bak-Suna. It’s what you’ve always done only this time I was the one to do it. And besides, it was that puny little shuttle of yours that took out fourteen space gunners on Isoter.” Pryce paused to let it all sink in but Boone was the most stubborn person he’d even known. He took out another snack and popped it in his mouth. Pryce added, “Willa and Galen. Those were their names. Galen’s ship blew up. That was you, Mace and Jona are still following Willa.”

Pryce watched him, to see if his attitude was changing. It wasn’t. Pryce continued, “Yes, I was flying into them but they were flying side-by-side and they could not bear upon me without banging into each other! So, Boone! Mister high and mighty, mister know it all, I was the one who out-witted them.”

Boone blared, “So, you think you’re smart now? You know, Pryce? My shuttle is not armored?” He screamed as his eyes moistened again, “One hit to the cockpit, you’d be dead right now! That’s why my head’s not right!”

Pryce said, “Oh, it’s only OK if ‘you’ do it! But if one of us try to do it, oh then, there must be something wrong with us. Why don’t you fight with Mace and Jona? They jetted out and went after those three space gunners?”

Pryce huffed. He grabbed a few of the chocolate treats and shove them in his mouth with disgust. Boone sighed again and picked up a small box of the treats and opened it. He cocked his head as if to think about the matter.

Boone replied, “You know, you’re right? It is OK… when I do that. But, it’s not OK when you or Mace or Jona or Terra do it. It’s OK if something happens to me.” Boone gazed at Pryce and quenched a tear before it had a chance. He added, “If something were to happen to one of you, I don’t think I could take the loss.”

Pryce’s chewing drastically slowed as he realized something. He let his head gently rest on the wall behind him. Pryce then realized something. “Oh, I see. I know what this is about.” Boone glanced from the box of treats to Pryce. They were entering a subject Boone had no interest in talking about. “This is about your parents. You still think you’ve lost them, or should I say, they think they’ve lost you. Boone, we all have each other. That is all we have now! I can’t even go back there!” he exclaimed. He raised his arms in contempt. “We don’t want to lose anyone! Not Mace, Jona, me, you! We’re all the same, Boone, so you’re not by yourself! You’re not the only one that feels like that!”

Pryce paused and watched. He noticed the tear forming. “But, we sure do work well together and that’s the whole thing, Boone. Together! We stay together. We work together. We all live… together.”

Boone was nodding his head up and down but disgusted about the danger. He was disgusted about the evil and many times, how they were always moments from death. Boone whispered, “We can’t stop doing both.”

Pryce squinted and tried to hear him. “What was that?”

Boone sighed. “Something Terra said to me before she left. That was before she left your ranch.” Boone looked up at him, quickly wiped at a swelling tear. He wiped it so fast, Pryce hardly saw it. “I told her I couldn’t do this anymore… this danger and drama. But, more than that, I can’t tolerate what’s happening to the innocent people.”

“Oh. What did she say?” Pryce asked.

She said, “I understand. I hate it too. The danger, the danger we face, needs to end. But, the violence and the bloodshed needs to end, too.” He paused and sighed, “She said we can’t stop doing both.”

Pryce frowned and nodded. “True. We can’t stop doing both. I say we stop the innocent bloodshed. I say we stop the violence going on. Especially out there in the spatial corridors. I know that’s what you’re thinking. Boone, listen. It’s your calling!” Boone was taken aback by the remark. He glared and gaped at Pryce, wanting to interrupt. But, he also needed to hear his friend out. “Boone, I don’t think you want to hear this but this is the truth. I don’t know of anyone who is better at this than you. Most people that do what you do are brash, cocky, stupid, foolish… you name it! And it gives a bad name to people like us. You have the best attitude. You hate doing it but it has to be done. Not everyone can do this and be successful but you’re the best at it. The more I think about it, Boone, I would say it’s your calling. I think the Lord has called you into all of this.”

Pryce put a few more treats in his mouth and chewed. He carefully watched Boone to see what he would say. It was true. Boone hated the danger but Boone excelled in fighting the evil. He struggled with the emotions from it all but he excelled in righteous attitude toward what needed to be done.

“You said some stupid things before, Pryce, but that…”

“Boone! Think about what you’re going to say before you say it. Think about everything I just said and tell me it’s not all true?” Pryce chewed some more, now engulfed in the tasty treats. He added, “Hey, one more thing, what happened today… with me being safe and you as well! I think it was all a miracle. I think He was watching over you.”

As Boone tries to deal with the dilemma, you’ll find doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do.

“Integrity is not just everything, it’s the only thing.”

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