The Adventures of Boone Nova

These are the Adventures of Boone Nova

The Adventures of Boone Nova is a space adventure series with five books under the title – The Adventures of Boone Nova.

Boone Nova and his beloved ship, the Night Star, are always finding themselves in difficult situations and in perilous adventures. This is mostly because Boone can’t idly stand by and do nothing about the evil that takes place within the spatial corridors of the constellation. There are seven habitable star systems in the Abdomanon Constellation and traveling from system to system can be dangerous at times. He’s fed up with doing nothing… and that can be costly when you have an old star ship, a few friends who have their own troubles, and a High Guard Investigator bent on getting involved.

Book 1 – Boone Nova and the 5th Prime (The Struggle for Integrity)

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A rugged space drifter, the law, and the lawless collide in the spatial corridors of the constellation!

The 5th prime has discovered an evil plot. Jok Ta’mian, ruler of the 5th planet, O’bipherion, is one of the seven primes over the seven star systems within the Abdomanon constellation. The 7 primes are sworn to maintain peaceful coexistence within the constellation and they have ruled together peacefully – until now.

The peace within the seven star systems is in great jeopardy. But, before the 5th prime can prevent the rise of an evil despot and the suspected attack and fall of the constellation, he must first avoid detection, confirm his suspicions about the evil plot, and retrieve the needed and crucial evidence – a new and devastating technology!

Being up in years, the prime and his only daughter, Lorin, hire a rough and tough space gunner (Boone Nova) to simply transport him to a secret rendezvous. The prime then attempts to enlist his help to secretly find the evidence and expose the truth to the other 6 primes.

Boone, unaware of what is happening, begins to shuttle his patrons about only to discover he is caught up in a galactic adventure!


Book 2 – Boone Nova and the Gamma Weapon (The Battle for Integrity)

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Kindle Cover Boone Nova and the Gamma WeaponSynopsis

A gifted scientist… forced to do the unthinkable.

Part 2: The Axeons were forcing the gifted scientist to do the unthinkable – convert his newly created teleportation device into a weapon of mass destruction. Boone was determined to find him then notify the 5th prime and his battle cruiser, the Sim-Sa Gale.

With the help of his friends, Boone found the scientist at an isolated ranch on the lonely planet, Isoter. He also discovered the Axeons at the ranch were going to implement their evil plan way ahead of his.

Boone sat in the Night Star pondering his next move. The Axeons desperately wanted to use the weapon. On whom or where, Boone didn’t know but he had a hunch. The Sim-Sa Gale was days away and it would take over a week for the 5th prime to convene his Court of Primes. Time was running out for Dr. Zay’Geis, Boone Nova, and his crew!


Book 3 – Boone Nova and the Nano Device (Web of Lies)

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In space, evil has no boundaries.

The constellation is under attack. A malicious space pirate, a rogue battlecruiser, and an unlikely hero converge within the spatial corridors.
Boone sets out with his trusted friends in an attempt to hunt down a malicious pirate. Thinking the odds are even – Nova vs Sabin, he discovers he is not merely hunting down a lone evil pirate but he has plunged himself and his companions into a much larger den of thieves he could have ever imagined.



 Book 4 – Boone Nova and the Pirate Queen (The Flight of the Night Star)

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An old gunship vs a pirate starship – lives are in the balance

As Boone and Terra recover from a brutal attack from a ruthless pirate, the constellation is held hostage by the pirate queen and her starship, Ambulas as she continues to exact punishment upon the planetary systems by destroying cities, ships, and bringing terror to the spatial corridors.

Though Boone and his beloved gunship, the Night Star, are despised and considered incompetent by many, they can’t be the constellation’s last hope – or can they?



Book 5 – Return of the Guardian King (The Search for Truth)  Now available!

Book 5: Return of the Guardian King – Last book in the series


A pirate bent on destruction – the planets are fighting back – a hero fights for his freedom.

While the star systems mount an offensive against the Pirate Queen, they discover the depth of her hatred toward the primes and her evil schemes against the planets. Her network of infiltration was causing much distress. As she remains defiant, determined to undermine the unification of the seven systems, she learns how difficult it is to keep evil in check.

Boone fears for his life as he is ridiculed, attacked, and brought before his accusers. Though he declares his innocence, he finds himself in a desperate search for the truth – a truth hidden on Kova that may hold the key to his freedom.

Previously… From Boone Nova and the Pirate Queen

The battle for the spatial corridors was just now being realized. For years the Court of Primes, the High Guard Investigation Command, and many other planetary dignitaries failed to see what was happening within the spatial corridors of the Abdomanon Constellation. Now, because of Boone Nova and his friends, they finally clearly understood an evil foe – a pirate queen was waging war against them.

Infiltration had caused grave problems for the Court and the High Guard administration. Several High Guard establishments, bases, and outposts were secretly infiltrated and it may have happened years ago. In some places, it may have occurred the same time the seven planets agreed to unification – over eight years ago. Presently, the queen and some of her key personnel were diligently attempting to infiltrate more places and free certain coveted pirates – Jurias Kwelling, the 5th prime’s servant, Luweena and Merrick’s son-in-law and second-hand man, Ander Indrayel.

The queen’s makeshift battlecruiser, the Ambulas, had successfully decimated one large cargo freighter and two cities – one on the planet of O’bipherion and the other on Efferium which lay over a parsec away in the Xeraxes Star System. She threatened to devastate more cities unless her demands were met. Her demands: 1) The dissolution of the unified planetary system and 2) Boone Nova and Jurias Kwelling be brought to her. Her demands went unfulfilled for the moment. She was forced to flee during a skirmish due to Boone Nova, his Night Star, and his team made up of his friends, trusted High Guard officers, and investigators.

While in session, the Court of Primes agreed to take action against the queen’s network of rebellion and infiltration by targeting the compound that abducted the 5th prime and his daughter, Lorin. It was the first of many planned attacks upon the queen.

Boone’s past had finally caught up with him. Despite his previous conflicts with the High Guard, the Court of Primes, and Commander J’Dar, the animosity and hatred he faced from certain High Guard officials was mounting. Those weren’t Boone’s only worries – he was about to be escorted to Kova for wants, warrants, and crimes against a dignitary.

Boone feared for his life and his future. Lies planted long ago, lies that ruined the lives of his family and friends were causing great pain and distress. Boone attempts to uncover a secret which could free him – a secret that only an old gunship could tell. But, for all the good he had done in the name of justice, justice was now working against him. Ironically, as Boone endured the hostilities the High Guard threw at him, he still longed to roam the corridors of the constellation and confront the evil that tried to overtake it.

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