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100_1352 (2) I’d like to use this site for the primary reason of promoting my novels but I also want to be a light in a dark world,  where we all should ‘Let our light shine, not put it under a basket.’

I’m not one to talk about myself and I don’t enjoy doling out the details but I’ll tell you who I am… I’m just a lost soul that’s been found, a believer willing to share my life experiences, and an imagination to boot!

Yes, I’m a believer in God and His son, Jesus Christ, and I believe everything scripture has to say. Living it? It’s my passion; my foremost objective and I hope I can be a source of encouragement to you.

Author? Not yet, really. I haven’t established that. And if that never happens… oh well. I tried and perhaps this is all God has for me. But, how can you go wrong in just letting your light shine?

I was born July 13, 1958 in the city of Saratoga Springs, NY. I am a husband, veteran, college graduate, secretary and worship leader. I’ve been serving in many various ministries for almost 34 years now. Please take a look at my other pages; My Testimony, My Disease and My Life Today.

I’m a fan of the science fiction genre, I’ve always enjoyed a good story, and I’m compelled to pen a few of my own tales.

I’ve also had many physical and debilitating illnesses which I have shared briefly on this site – soon to put into a full-length narrative.

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