My Testimony

I was born and raised in Saratoga Springs, New York. At the age of 19, I entered the United States Air Force; serving in Alexandria, Louisiana. Up to that point I had a belief in God, but never had a personal relationship with him.

I believe that it takes a personal relationship with God in order to be called His child. A personal relationship means to accept Christ’s work on the cross, seek His forgiveness with repentance for sin and trust Him by faith.

While working on jet aircraft and enjoying the beauty and comforts of the south, I was introduced to what the scriptures teach about heaven and how you can “know for sure that you can have eternal life.” 1 John 5:13.

I served the four years I committed to the Air Force and then entered Bible College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and a minor in Christian Education.

I moved back to upstate New York and began to serve in various ministries such as; Sunday school classes, Christian Education, bible studies, music ministries, preaching and witnessing. It was there that I met my wife and have now been married for 29 years.

It was at that time I contracted a rare and debilitating, autoimmune disease. At this time I have been serving in some kind of ministry for over 36 years and I praise God for the privilege and the ability to do it. I Give Him all the praise.

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