Boone Nova’s Prime Characters

May 2015

The Adventures of Boone Nova

Main Characters

Boone Nova                    Main character

The Night Star               Boone’s ship

Terra Je’en                     High Guard Investigator for O’bipher’ion

Pryce Caperstone          Boone’s best friend

Jok Ta’mian                   The 5th Prime

Lorin  Ta’main               The 5th Prime’s daughter


Secondary Characters

Zay’geis Ven’dirKadn   Jok’s scientist friend
Meka Din                        Jok’s old, retired, scientist and friend
Jona Kozak                    Boone’s self-appointed slave
Mace Starling                Boone’ friend who owns the Kori Dane
Mar-ki’ J’Dar                  High Guard Commander of battle cruiser Sim-Sa Gale
Cumi Bak’Suna              Axeon official – female villain
Rema Ja-ron’                  Cumi’s commander of vessel ‘Vacusius Zephyr’

Brief Characters

Kaad                                 Arkitronian restaurant owner
Jaku’ Vanous’                   the 3rd Prime – Arkitrosis
Mani’as Rosen                 the 4th Prime – Peridius
Logan Dow’ey                  Terra’s High Guard Commander of Obi’pher’ion
Marcus Ke’ador              Abdom City, High Guard Commander
Devin Kap’avon               Captain of battle cruiser: Dorian Surge
Kola D’su                          High Guard officer on Obi’pher’ion
Phia Sa’vo                         Mar-Ki’ J’Dar’s little mousy investigator
Jen’okar Fi’amin           the 7th Prime – Axeon
Jurias Kwelling              Notorious thief who also steals info for super pirate
Finn Lukas Nova           Boone’s arrogant father
Liana Nova                     Boone’s godly mother
Ko’dec Or’jon                  A High Guard Investigator on Arkitrosis
Viel                                   Guard officer on O’bipher’ion

More Details

 Boone Nova

  • He’s in his late twenties.
  • He inherited his ship from his dad.
  • He’s about 6’ tall, dark-brown hair, very strong and agile.
  • He has light-brown eyes.
  • He’s shy and timid; because of what he did in his past. It wasn’t illegal, but causing the death of anyone can be shameful.
  • The above turned him into a loner.
  • He has a thick skin when it comes to danger and he doesn’t let the little things get under his skin.
  • He likes to get dirty; he works with space junk so his hands and face can be dirty.
  • He has almost no sense of humor.
  • He has a soft spot for the underprivileged and abused; he’ll help those who are like him.
  • He gets out of control… sometimes. He always feels bad about it and struggles with how to remedy it.

 Terra Je’en

  •  She is a High Guard Investigator for the O’bipher’ion Star System.
  • She is a highly trained and skilled fighter.
  • She is slender and stands 6’ tall.
  • She has long, jet-black hair and dark-blue eyes that sometimes exhibit a tint of purple – a rare O’bipher’ion trait.
  • She proudly wears a dark-blue, one-piece uniform with a decorated dark-blue jacket.
  • She cannot tolerate unlawfulness and makes it her mission in life to uphold the laws of the constellation set down by the Court of Primes. She lives to hunt down offenders.
  • She’s arrogant and very, very stubborn.
  • She’s very quick to accuse and judge… so be careful when she’s around.

Lorin  Ta’mian           

  • The only child of the 5th Prime – Jok Ta’mian.
  • She’s in her mid-twenties.
  • She has dark-brown hair down to her shoulders.
  • She has hazel eyes and a soft spoken voice.
  • She’s highly trained and groomed for royalty.

 Pryce Caperstone

  • He is 6 feet tall with short, black hair.
  • He has a chiseled jaw that matches his burly shoulders.
  • He was strong, athletic, and courageous.
  • He has brown eyes.
  • He lives on O’bipher’ion and owns a large plantation.

 Mar-Ki’ J’Dar

  • He is the Fleet Commander for the Abdom’anon High Guard.
  • He is an admiral and he’s the highest ranking fleet officer.
  • He has dark-brown eyes, and is just over 6 feet tall.
  • He is balding and his white hair barely covered the sides of his head.
  • He is in great physical shape for a sixty-year-old Chief Commanding Office.
  • He captains the most powerful battle cruiser the constellation has, the Sim-Sa Gale.
  • He’s arrogant and loathes meaningless trips about the systems; he wants to battle again, but the only battles available to him are the space pirates and other criminals.

 Jona Kozak

  • He is Boone’s friend and hangs out with Mace.
  • His hair is shoulder-length, dark-brown hair and usually in braids.
  • He’s big, tall and muscular.
  • Believe it or not, he’s quiet.
  • He has a rugged jaw and dark-brown skin.
  • He was Boone’s slave on Nava Kova. That’s only because he is forever indebted to him for saving his life.

Mace Starling

  • He is from Kova.
  • He is Boone’s friend, from many years and hangs out with Jona.
  • He is a black man, short and is the funny one of the group.
  • He is a miner and mine’s minerals with his ship.
  • His ship is called the Kori Dane.

Cumi Bak’ Suna

  • She’s the evil villain in all of this.
  • She is an Axeon official.
  • She’s tall and she has long, black hair that she keeps in several braids.
  • You really don’t want to know much more about her – being evil and all is enough.

 The Seven Primes of the Abdom’anon Constellation:

Jaku Vanous                            The 3rd Prime – Arkitrosis

Manias Rosen                          The 4th Prime – Peridius

Jok’ Ta’mian                            The 5th Prime – Obi’pher’ion

Jen’okar Fi’amin                     The 7th Prime – Axeon

The others are not on the scene as of yet. Maybe… perhaps soon.

High Guard Officers:

Terra Je’en                              Interstellar High Guard investigator

Logan Dowey                         Terra’s High Guard Commander of Obi’pherion

Marcus Ke’ador                     Abdom City, High Guard Commander

Mar-Ki’ J’Dar                         Captain of battle cruiser: Sim-Sa Gale

Devin Kapavon                      Captain of battle cruiser: Dorian Surge

Kola D’su                                High Guard officer on Obi’pherion

Kodec Or’jon                          High Guard Investigator on Arkitrosis

Phia Sa’vo                               Mar-Ki’ J’Dar’s little mousy investigator

Viel                                          High Guard, team leader, officer on O’bipher’ion

Cho’pak                                   Phase rifle expert on Obi’pher’ion



Cumi Bak’Suna                     Evil female Axeon official

Rema Jar’on                          Evil Axeon battle cruiser Commander

Ko’Sak                                    High ranking Axeon on planet Isoter

Jaxson                                    Axeon on planet Isoter

Colas                                       Axeon on planet Isoter

Kline                                       Axeon on planet Isoter

Komen                                    Axeon on planet Isoter

Henke                                     Axeon team leader on Isoter



1st System:                    Kova  / Nava Kova /  Ko’as – sun

2nd System                  Perion

3rd System                    Arkitrosis /

4th System                    Peridius / Ta’Jeon

5th System                    O’bipher’ion

The 6 Moons Over O’bipher’ion
Ar’ka Pherion
Bema Pherion
Cede Pherion
Dema Pherion
Equa Pherion
Fema Pherion

6th System                    Xeraxes / Effer’ium / Isoter

7th System                    Axeon / Proto Plaxis / Voxial



Karkavon                         Royal city of O’bipher’ion

Tela-KaTur’a                   On the planet Kova

Tala’Veegen                    On the planet Ta’Jeon (In the Arkitronian System)

Kopiter                            Unruly city on Isoter

Peos Tower                     One of many towering structures on the planet Kova

Lanthis                            Small city on O’bipher’ion



Hue Sabin                       Pirate

Jurias Kwelling              Thief

Bann Gunner                  Pirate



Night Star                       Boone’s ship

Lila                                   Night Star’s Com Center

Kori Dane                       Mace’s ship

Kenos Verisian              Aka, the Night Star

Sim-Sa Gale                   Battle Cruiser

Dorian Tide                    Battle Cruiser

Vacusius Zephyr            Evil Axeon converted battle ship

Karonis                            Sabin’s ship


Ship Classes

Class I: 1 – 2 story / 1 or 2 manned shuttles / small transports / small cargo ships

Class II: 1 – 3 story / 2 to 12 manned shuttles / small transports / cargo ships

Class III: 1-6 story/large transports/standard star liner, luxury liner/cargo ship

Class IV: cargo freighters / standard battle cruisers / large star liner, luxury liner

Class V: the battle cruiser – Sim-Sa Gale

Zenith Class II – Stellar Gunship       Boone’s 3-story, winged ship

Sono Class II Jet Star                          Fast, four-manned ships

June Class I Space Gunner                Prominent one-manned attach ship

Stellar Class II Transport Shuttle     Long-range. one-story, 12 persons

Class II Phenon Intergalactic Runner – fastest, one-story shuttle, 12 persons

Arcadia Class II Ship                           Luxurious 12-manned ship

Arcadia Class II Luxury Liner           Quinton’s spacious rectangle-like ship

Inter-planetary Guard ships              Large, fast 50-manned battle ships


Parsec: length of 1 star system

4-5 Parsecs: distance between most systems

Sector: distance is takes to travel at light speed in a day: LSPD – Light Speed Per Day



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