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100_1352 (2)I just want to share a thing or two about the content of my novels. Some people say, ‘There’s an awful lot of God stuff in there!’ Others ask, ‘This is a Christian novel? It hardly has any scripture, teaching or preaching!’ I understand all that.

I see both sides of those opinions and I have to say, “Isn’t there room for both, and for what’s in between?” I’m also compelled to just say, “Hey, wait a second. This is a novel.” I’d really like to express it like this: ‘THIS IS A NOVEL!’ I’ve read both types of novels and I like both. Jesus, for example, preached long and loud to the crowds and at times He sat down with a woman and just asked her a few questions, then He only gave her Luke 4:10, 13-14. That’s 3 verses.

Sometimes I enjoy delving into a deeply, religious novel with a lot of spiritual content. I highly recommend them. But, I also occasionally enjoy giving my soul and spirit a little respite from it all. (Not to imply that I stray from the narrow path).

Integrity Novels will walk the fine line of being somewhere in between. They are novels that anyone can enjoy; a place where they won’t be preached to all the time and won’t feel guilty by implied presuppositions. They will find tidbits of spiritual truths and at times, blatant declarations that will pierce their heart, I hope. They will read about people that struggle with the difficulties of life and be challenged to seek God in it all. That’s the focus of Integrity Novels.

These novels are designed for the family and can be read by anyone age 13 and up. Some things you will not find in the novels are foul language, implied sexual content, jeering or raucous conversations – as that sort of bantering is very degrading and should not be part of anyone’s speech or lifestyle. I say ages 13 and up because some of the content has scenes of violence, high distress and action. “High distress! Violence! Oh my!” you might say. “In a Christian novel! Preposterous!” Hold on a second… and think about this. Have you ever read the book of Judges? How about 1 Kings, 2 Kings? I could name more and we live in a real world with real danger and real sinners. I believe it’s time we show others how to deal with those evils, dangers and sinners.

That’s exactly what God did when He gave us those Old Testament scriptures full of… that’s right – high distress, violence and awful sinners. Let’s learn how to respond to such evil in the world and deal with it in a way that pleases God.

So, in getting back to my point, whether you’re religious and you like spiritual content or you’re just not at all interested in the religious themes, you’ll enjoy these novels. You won’t have to worry about whether you’re going to get blasted with a ton of scripture. God gave us His Word for that. But then again, there is a lesson to be learned in some of the content in my novels and it may be in the form of a small, subtle verse or two.


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