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Integrity Novels are mostly science fiction for the time being. They are designed to be Christian novels and have a theme-based characteristic in them and in between the lines. They are not packed with religious content, as that is not my goal, but rather introduce a virtue or religious theme.

As in The Gold Sphere, Jake was confronted with troubles, high stress and outright panic. He turned to a verse or two and sought Wisdom.

In the case of Boone Nova and the 5th Prime, Boone faces different struggles and is confronted with many decisions. He endeavors to ‘do the right thing.’ That theme is brought out in Boone’s life, only because someone pointed it out to him when he was younger. He struggles greatly with the concept.

These themes and theme-based characters are not preachers or ministers and they do not preach to others. They are people like you and I who struggle with life’s fiery trials and try to do their best to get through them. They sometimes find that a word spoken in due season or a verse introduced at the right moment can work wonders in their struggles.

These novels are designed for the family and can be read by ages 13 and up; as some of the content may have scenes of violence, high distress and action. Some things you will not find in the novels are foul language, God’s holy name taken in vain or any implied sexual content.

Your family can read them safely and perhaps find something in them to inspire them. That’s my hope. Enjoy.

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