The Gold Sphere

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This is a science fiction action-adventure mystery. It is appropriate for children ages 13 and older. It takes place in the year 2248 A.D.

I hope you will enjoy this novel and accompany Jake Gramm as you both delve into the mysteries of The Gold Sphere and search for solutions to save Earth from certain danger.

Also look for my other novels coming in the near future. Thank you for considering The Gold Sphere and my novels.

I could use your prayers!


The Gold Sphere

Earth 2248. The War of the Eleven Great Nations decimated much of the earth. Grave changes occurred to all life on the planet. Hundreds of cities and many countries were destroyed and laid in ruins, their lands… destitute. Billions died. Earth, as a planet, fought for its very existence.

Then, as the planet is in the midst of recuperation, an object with an extraordinary characteristic enters the star system. Once again the planet and its outposts are on the verge of destruction.

Jake Gramm, an officer for the New International Coalition of Earth, leads an exploration of interplanetary proportions. As the fate of the planet looms, he is dispatched to investigate the alien object and search for a solution. In order to solve the alien mystery he must first overcome his deep personal conflicts, wade through a sea of emotional and physical stress, and battle an establishment that pits him against his solutions.

Experience the thrill of space travel and explore life on a star ship as Jake Gramm, and the crew of the Champion Speed struggle against the unforeseen difficulties of space and the obstacles that arise in defense of Earth.


2179. Earth’s inhabitants have had a long history of suffering, all in the name of dominance. From the beginning of time until the War of the Eleven Great Nations, earth itself endured everything man could do to it until now.

Like Earth, space was just another domain for the nations to conquer. At one time they were united in occupying space, building space ships, and enlarging the International Space Station. But then the nations once again began striving for supremacy and tyranny. It led to great international conflict. After the War of the Eleven Great Nations, much of earth became decimated. Hundreds of cities and several countries were destroyed and laid in ruins. Their lands became destitute. The consequences of their ion weapons and nuclear fallout resulted in grave changes to all life on the planet. Billions died. Earth, as a planet, fought for its life in spite of the humans that occupied it and nearly destroyed it.

Then another unforeseen quandary arose, perhaps a well-timed tactic. An object arrives in Earth’s star system and enters its atmosphere. With every possible weapon and aircraft available, the invading object was disabled. The military thoroughly examined it, declared it to be impermeable and deemed it unsolvable. Then it was given to the scientific community.

Over time, the scientific community made astounding discoveries from the object. They decided to secretly unite against the tyrannical leaders of the Eleven Great Nations. In great frustration, they secretly used their newfound technology to build advanced flying ships. They conquered Earth, putting an end to all tyranny and disorder. In hopes of surviving earth’s collapse and desolation, they built a galactic space station above Earth to escape the destruction and fallout incurred by the war.

The scientists established a new order of rule and with their spacecraft they exacted judgment and chastisement on all noncompliant nations, groups, rebels, and societies that rejected their new order. They called it the N. I. C. E., the New International Coalition of Earth. With determination and rage they were adamant upon creating a new and better civilization, even if they had to destroy nation after nation. Then 69 years passed.

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